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The ARL Lawyers Charitable Trust

In September 2011 ARL Lawyers established the ARL Lawyers Charitable Trust.

The partnership has a long history of informally supporting children and families in the Hutt Valley through sponsorship of, and donations to, various sporting, cultural, school and community activities. The establishment of the ARL Lawyers Charitable Trust, which has broad purposes, is a great way of formalising the firm’s ongoing support of the local community.

Purposes – ARL Lawyers Charitable Trust

  • Education
  • Health and Disability
  • Environment/conservation
  • Community Development
  • Social services
  • Arts/Culture/Heritage
  • Sport and Recreation
  • International services
  • Economic Development
  • Fundraising.

The inaugural sponsorship is a three year commitment to Women and Children’s Services at the Hutt Valley DHB, with the Trust’s first donation going to the Maternity ward. The donation of a Malmet Fluid Warming Cabinet, which has been on the ward’s wish list for some time, heats blankets and towels used for newborn babies and their mothers.

Through the Trust, ARL Lawyers hope to provide opportunities and tangible items that can make a big difference to individuals, groups and organisations in the local community.