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Your Legal Teams

When you instruct a lawyer at ARL you are not instructing an individual, instead, you are instructing a team of legal specialists.

Recognising that no one can be an expert in all matters of law, ARL has developed five specialist teams. Our teams are:

This unique specialist combination gives us a breadth and depth of expertise rarely found in one firm.

Meet the ARL Legal Team

Ian S Avison (LLB)
Ian S Avison (LLB)Partner
Sale and Purchase of property and businesses, property investment structures, commercial leasing, subdivisions, and franchising.
Paul G Logan (LLB)
Paul G Logan (LLB)Partner
Commercial transactions, Senior and Elder Law, estate planning/wills/powers of attorney, financial planning structures, trusts.
Rebecca R Dickie (LLB, BA)
Rebecca R Dickie (LLB, BA)Partner
Commercial transactions, estate planning, residential and commercial property transactions, subdivisions, leases.
Benedict J J Sheehan (LLB)
Benedict J J Sheehan (LLB)Partner
District/High Court matters, employment, dispute resolution, mediation/arbitration, leaky home and construction claims, family protection and testamentary promises claims, insolvency and debt recovery proceedings, traffic/police matters.
Jason Taylor (LLB)
Jason Taylor (LLB)Associate
Property, business & commercial transactions
Joshua Pietras (LLB (Hons) BSc, LLM
Joshua Pietras (LLB (Hons) BSc, LLM Senior Solicitor
Dispute Resolution (particularly insurance, employment, debt recovery), criminal and traffic matters.
Luke Havler (LLB, BA)
Luke Havler (LLB, BA)Solicitor
Property, business and commercial transactions
Grace Cummings (LLB, BA, MIR)
Grace Cummings (LLB, BA, MIR)Solicitor
Trust, Wills and Estates
Heather Smith (LLB, BA)
Heather Smith (LLB, BA)Solicitor
Sophie Aitken (LLB, BA)
Sophie Aitken (LLB, BA)Solicitor
Scott Balloch (LLB, BCom)
Scott Balloch (LLB, BCom)Solicitor
Paula Campbell
Paula CampbellAssociate
Property Law, Conveyancing
Bethany Parlane (BBS)
Bethany Parlane (BBS)Practice Manager