Avison Reid Logan : ARL Lawyers, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

At ARL Lawyers, we pride ourselves on providing quality legal services within New Zealand for every situation that affects people, their families and their businesses. Based in central Lower Hutt, we are just 15 minutes from downtown Wellington.

At ARL Lawyers, we are committed to removing barriers to understanding the law. We do this by using plain English, demystifying legal processes and offering pragmatic solutions.

We work on the principle that every client is unique and deserves respect. Matters that concern our clients are important to us.

We have four specialist teams; Property Team, Family Law Team, Dispute Resolution Team and Personal Planning and Business Solutions Team, providing expertise in all areas of law.

Commercial and Property matters
Family Law
Dispute Resolution
Trusts and Estates

When you instruct a lawyer at ARL you are not instructing an individual, instead, you are instructing a team of legal specialists.

Recognising that no one can be an expert in all matters of law, ARL has developed four specialist teams with experts in commercial and property matters, family law, dispute resolution and trusts and estates.

This unique specialist combination gives us a breadth and depth of expertise rarely found in one firm.

The ARL Lawyers Charitable Trust exists to support a wide variety of activities in our local community. Click here to learn more about our Trust.

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